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Our mission is to support improvement of disease outcome by development, promotion and implementation of combined modality treatment including reduced intensity conditioning autologous and allogeneic bone marrow or peripheral blood progenitor cell transplants as part of initial therapy.

Reduced intensity conditioning transplants are transplants with cells from bone marrow, peripheral blood or cord blood, that are characterized by preparative regimens and transplant procedures which are more patient friendly and contain better quality of life during treatment than conventional myeloablative transplants.

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Our Characteristics to Support the Mission

  • Practical experience in treatment of solid tumors including breast cancer, hematologic malignancies and transplantation

  • Specialization in counseling in these therapeutic areas

  • Expertise in clinical research and clinical operations

  • Expertise in regulatory procedures and Good Clinical Practice

  • Dedicated to implementation and execution of therapies for cancer and hematological malignancies

  • Commitment to deliver timely, accurately and efficiently

  • Insight in research and development costs and pharmaco-economics

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