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Transplant Creations treatment and reduced intensity conditioning transplant program offers to improve disease outcome; an introduction to the program can be reviewed by clicking program or slide show (ppt/ pdf).

Cognitive dysfunction in cancer therapy has been reported since a long time but cure is not known. We presented on the topic and introduced potential cure. Read the publication.

Cure for multiple myeloma is a program we started in 2002 and expanded in 2012. We developed a webinar with information about the program. Investigators are invited to contact us for a presentation for one or more people at their center.

Our protocols aim to support improvement of  treatment and transplant. Feel free to contact us if there is interest in participation in the program.


Report of the Scientific Advisory Board
The 2000 Report of questions presented to the  Scientific Advisory Board regarding clinical application of reduced intensity conditioning autologous and allogeneic transplants can be ordered. It was a successful effort to change the thought process from transplantation in advanced to early during the disease course.

Graft-versus-host-disease grading and scoring 
To support accurate use of the accepted acute and chronic GVHD scorings and grading criteria a pocket guide and patient record scoring form can be ordered.

Good Clinical Practice 
An international task force has defined Good Clinical Practice guidelines for clinical research. These guidelines provide standards for clinical research in almost all countries. 

Ethical Principles in Clinical Research
Ethical guidelines and principles for protection of human subjects in clinical research is described in the Declaration of Helsinki or the Belmont Report

Cancer Response to Treatment
The World Health Organization defined cancer response criteria for measurable and non-measurable lesions. Later the EOTRC defined the RECIST criteria to measure solid tumor response. Click here for a comparison of the criteria and here for RECIST criteria alone.

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